The Sunuwar

Most Sunuwar practice agriculture (approximately 55%). They do so throughout the eastern hills of present-day Nepal and India. Crop cultivation and cattle farming (rice, millet, wheat, soybean, potato, and corn) are the main agricultural works. Sunuwar people also took part in the Second World War and were known as Gorkhali fighters, as well as honest. Some Sunuwar still join the Nepal Army, Indian Army, Singapore Police Force and British Army.
Traditional cultures
Sunuwar are very rich in culture and traditions. They have hundreds of traditional feasts and festivals with complex rituals and rules. Every traditional feast or festival has its own objectives, characteristics, and system of celebration. Some festivals, such as Chandi Dance in Baisakh Purnima, Sakela (Shyadar-Pidar), Gil puja (Gil-Pidar), and Meserani puja (Meserani-Pidar), are considered more important than others. They celebrate the Shyadar-pidar festival on the Day of Buddha Purnima, or after 5 days of Buddha Purnima(Panchami) according to the Nepali calendar. Sunuwar New year is celebrated on the day of Basanta Panchami. As a community, they celebrate Meserani Pidar twice a year, based on the Lunar Calendar.

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