We need further more investigation and historical research to find the fact about the origin of Sunuwar people. However, Sunuwar peoples believe themselves as Suryavanshi, family of the Sun. It is said that Sunuwar tribe is from Kirat group. According to history, there were three states of Kiratas in Eastern Nepal- Far Kirat, Mid Kirat and Near Kirat. Mid Kirat and Far Kirat are known as Rai and Limbu respectively. And the Near Kirat is known as Sunuwar who spread over the river-bank of Sunkoshi, Likhu and Khimti and slowly they spread all over the world. The group Sunuwar is known as Indigenous Peoples of Nepal. Sunuwar peoples have their own society, cultural aspects, costumes, and language so they are called indigenous people. In the time of Shah Dynasty, The King of the country became happy with the administrative works, armed service and other territorial works of Sunuwar peoples and His Majesty’s granted the title of “Mukhiya”. Still some Sunuwar peoples add the title “Mukhiya” at the end of their name. It is also believe that the group “Jirel” and “Surel” are also the sub-group of Sunuwar, but now Jirels are recognized as an independent tribal caste. On other hand, some Surels believe themselves as Sunuwar and still some of them put their lastname as Sunuwar. Sunuwars have own ethnic identity like language, costumes, cultures etc. Now a days, Sunuwars are also involved in national indigenous group of people for the development, preservation and for the promotion of the Sunuwar peoples and for the development of the Nation as well.

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